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Your #1 Choice for Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is a sanctuary within your home, a space for privacy and relaxation. The professionals at Living Solutions Construction want to help you plan, design, and create the bathroom of your dreams that also fits within your budget.

Whether you need more storage space or your bathroom's style is out of date, the Baton Rouge bathroom remodelers at Living Solutions Construction can help.

A Baton Rouge bathroom remodel—whether it's a master bath, hallway bathroom, or linen closet—increases your home's value and is also an investment in your pleasure and comfort.

Bathroom Remodeling Professionals in Baton Rouge

Master Bathroom

Living Solutions Construction has professional designers ready to work within your budget to achieve your dream bathroom. Our professionals know how to handle everything from adding vanities to replacing your master bath with a high-end shower.

Whether you're looking for a Baton Rouge bathroom remodel for an existing layout or want an entire gut and rebuild, our team is ready to help! Our goal is to provide you with a custom solution that fits your unique style and space.

The following is a list of what changes are available in a Baton Rouge bathroom remodel:


Cabinets come in many styles, colors, options, and sizes. A professional at Living Solutions Construction will give you multiple cabinetry options to ensure you get what you envisioned.


When a customer is looking for a great, cost-effective way to transform a bathroom space, one of our professionals may suggest starting with updating the bathroom's surfaces. Our wide selection of countertop options includes Granite, Corian, Marble, Silestone, and Zodiac.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are resistant to water, affordable, and require minimal upkeep. As a result, many customers choose to incorporate ceramic tiling during a bathroom remodel for its exceptional durability.


A fresh application of paint can transform an outdated bathroom, making it look fresh and new. Living Solutions Construction has multiple colors to choose from for various bath and accent walls. We also provide many paint application methods, such as wallpapering, painting in sections, or painting the entire room at once.


Lighting can make or break a bathroom remodel. Living Solutions Construction offers a variety of lighting options to brighten up an otherwise dull bathroom. Our team of experts can provide incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with various light fixture styles and finishes.


Sinks and faucets are available in any finish imaginable. Standard options include solid surfaces, acrylic, or ceramic sinks with glass faucets. Living Solutions Construction also offers stainless steel and stone countertops paired with brass accents and polished nickel faucets to match every homeowner's sense of design style.

Shower & Bathtubs

With various shower and bathtub options available, you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom. We install several name brand companies who provide quality products. Typical installations include jacuzzi showers, walk-in tubs, corner showers, and many others.


When it comes to toilets, you want something that is going to be both functional and beautiful. So we install several different name-brand toilets, including Kohler and Toto. These high-quality brands offer sleek designs that will make your bathroom look like it came straight out of a magazine.


Beautiful Baton Rouge bathroom remodels often start with flooring. Homeowners commonly want their bathroom to utilize some tile; tile in any design and color you prefer is a great way to create an elegant new look for your bathroom.

Our Bathroom Remodel Process

Our Baton Rouge bathroom remodel process ensures a quality customer experience while minimizing downtime and inconveniences associated with Baton Rouge bathroom remodel projects.

  • Step 1: Initial consultation and assessment of the project's scope 
  • Step 2: Selection of materials 
  • Step 3: Final rendering of design and estimate
  • Step 4: Beginning of the bathroom remodel
  • Step 5: Final walk-through with customer

Start Your Baton Rouge Bathroom Remodel Process Today!

Upon hearing from you, a Baton Rouge renovation professional from Living Solutions Construction will gladly meet with you to discuss the many possibilities for your Baton Rouge bathroom remodel. We handle all aspects of the design and the remodeling in-house and ensure consistency and efficiency throughout all stages of the process.

Call (225) 255-6342 today to schedule a free bathroom renovation consultation.

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