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Baton Rouge Kitchen Renovation: 4 Powerful Essentials

Written on
November 8, 2021
Written by Merrick Young

Let Living Solutions Construction turn your Baton Rouge kitchen renovation dreams into reality!

Baton Rouge homeowners looking for an affordable upgrade to their home should look into a Baton Rouge kitchen renovation. But where do you start when it's time to turn your kitchen dreams into reality?

The answer is with these four steps: installing new appliances, updating the cabinets, adding a backsplash, and choosing a countertop. A Baton Rouge kitchen renovation is easy when you know the essentials!

Baton Rouge homeowners who want to make their kitchen more functional or aesthetically pleasing: keep reading for more information about how a Baton Rouge kitchen renovation will transform your space in no time!

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Why the kitchen?

One of the most popular rooms in your home is the kitchen. It's where you enjoy time with family and friends, prepare meals, and unwind from a long day. As one of the most used spaces in your home, it pays to invest in remodeling Baton Rouge kitchen renovation to make it more comfortable and functional.

A Baton Rouge kitchen renovation can significantly impact how you live in your home because this room is so essential. A Baton Rouge kitchen renovation can also be low-cost, so choosing the right Baton Rouge kitchen expert can significantly affect your budget.

Plus, a Baton Rouge kitchen renovation adds value to your home. The increase in how much your home is worth helps recover some of the cost spent for the kitchen renovation, so you get a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space that pays off when you go to sell your house!

countertop and color options for kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation: The 4 essential upgrades

When most people think about renovating their kitchen, they typically consider installing new appliances, updating cabinets, adding a backsplash, or getting new countertops. Fortunately, all of these easy changes will dramatically affect the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

If you're considering updating your home in a big way, this is the place to start!

Installing new appliances

New appliances can instantly change the look of your kitchen. As Baton Rouge homeowners, you will likely want to surround yourself with modern appliances. Think about adding stainless steel appliances if your Baton Rouge home still has a mix of white and black appliances. Or, add a little more character to your Baton Rouge home by using colorful appliance accessories.

A bonus of new appliances is the energy efficiency. Newer appliances will help the environment and reduce your Baton Rouge home's energy and water bills. So, you get increased performance while helping the environment—it's a win-win!

Updating cabinets

Changing a home's cabinets is one of Baton Rouge homeowners' favorite ways to give their kitchens a fresh look. Replacing old cabinet doors and drawer fronts is an inexpensive way to update the look of kitchen cabinets. In addition, refacing cabinets as part of a Baton Rouge kitchen renovation can be done quickly and affordably over a weekend.

Another configuration Baton Rouge homeowners like is to remove cabinets altogether to open up floor space. This decision makes the kitchen feel much larger and more modern, but it does require hiring Baton Rouge contractors to tap into existing wiring and pipes to put in new kitchen appliances. Baton Rouge homeowners who do not want to remove all their cabinets can update the fronts on kitchen cabinets for a more updated look without changing the cabinet framework.

Adding a new backsplash

One of the most overlooked parts of kitchens is the backsplash. Baton Rouge homeowners often overlook this detail and never realize just how much a backsplash can change their kitchen's appearance until they install a new one! Baton Rouge homeowners typically choose a backsplash that matches their kitchen countertops.  Because countertops can come in many different shades and colors, the range of backsplashes available during a Baton Rouge kitchen renovation is also wide-ranging.

Installing a new backsplash can be affordable if Baton Rouge homeowners do it themselves. However, hiring Baton Rouge contractors to install a backsplash is also an option Baton Rouge homeowners should consider if they don't have much experience in Baton Rouge kitchen renovation.

New countertops

Baton Rouge homeowners often think new countertops are limited to granite or marble, but many materials make fantastic countertops! And, with a bit of digging, thrifty homeowners can find refurbished countertops available online.

When choosing countertops for your Baton Rouge kitchen renovation, Baton Rouge homeowners should make sure they choose styles that match the rest of their kitchen. For example, granite is expensive but provides a luxurious feel, while butcher block countertops can highlight your kitchen's functionality.

Hands Framing Blue Custom Kitchen Design Drawing.

Baton Rouge kitchen renovation with Living Solutions

Baton Rouge kitchen renovation is a way to update the look and functionality of Baton Rouge's kitchens. Baton Rouge homeowners often consider installing new appliances, updating cabinets, adding a backsplash, or getting new countertops as part of Baton Rouge kitchen renovations. 

Installing new appliances with energy-efficient technology can save Baton Rouge homeowners money on their utility bills. And updates like updating cabinet doors and drawer fronts are an inexpensive way for Baton Rouge homeowners to give their kitchens a fresh look without changing anything but the front of cabinets or removing them altogether! 

Living Solutions are the premier Baton Rouge kitchen renovation experts serving the community. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page if you want to learn more and find out about the next steps in the Baton Rouge kitchen renovation process!

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