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Baton Rouge Storm Damage Restoration

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Living Solutions Construction Offers Baton Rouge Storm Damage Restoration Services After Natural Disaster Strikes.

Residential and commercial properties located in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas face numerous yearly threatening weather incidents, including hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms with high winds. Storm damage can show up at any time, regardless of the season.

Upon arrival at a Baton Rouge storm damage restoration project, our primary goal is to stop the existing property damage from causing further secondary damages with our mitigation services. A certified Baton Rouge restoration expert will inspect and evaluate potential structural damage and locate all compromised areas.

When storm damage strikes, water can enter a property in many different locations. Common compromised areas include: 

  • Roofing system
  • Foundation
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Doors  
  • HVAC system

No matter where the cause of the loss occurred, the professionals at Living Solutions Construction will come out and mitigate the storm damages. 

The BEST Flood Damage Restoration Services in Baton Rouge

Unfortunately, the residents of Baton Rouge are no strangers to flooding damage caused by severe storms and other catastrophic events. The best way to ensure your property is safe when flood damage strikes your home or business is to hire a team that you can count on for fast-acting flood restoration services. 

The Living Solutions Construction team has 24/7 on-call availability to perform storm restoration services during a tropical storm or a hurricane. As property owners in Baton Rouge ourselves, our team has extensive first-hand experience with flood damage—our own homes and through serving our past customers.

Baton Rogue flood damage streets
Baton Rogue exterior flood damage

Exterior Damage Restoration Services in Baton Rouge

A tropical storm or hurricane consists of high wind speeds and can cause damages to the exterior surfaces of a property. Damage from high wind speeds can affect any property, no matter the age. Whether a fallen tree or other debris causes property damages, you need to contact a team of storm damage professionals to avoid future problems. 

The Baton Rouge storm damage restoration team at Living Solutions Construction knows that damages to a roof, siding, or gutters can result in a leak that will eventually turn into a nasty mold issue if not quickly mitigated.

3 Tips For After A Storm


Prioritize Safety

It is best not to enter the property after it has suffered from significant damages. A property with storm damage is susceptible to structural issues and will likely not be sturdy enough to hold additional weight. Additionally, there may be a potential for a ceiling collapsing while inside the property.

Contact Storm Damage Professionals

Whether your home’s storm damage involves roof damage, siding damage, or gutter damage, trust our storm restoration team to handle your property professionally and efficiently. Living Solutions Construction has over twelve years of storm damage experience and will work with your insurance companies on your property damage claim.

Document the Damages

Alongside a storm damage restoration professional, evaluate the damages caused by the storm. Then, for insurance claim purposes, take pictures of all the damages inside and outside your property.
Baton Rogue flood prevention

Prepare for a Storm With Living Solutions Construction

The residents of Baton Rouge often know when a tropical storm or hurricane is about to touch down in their area. The team at Living Solutions offers storm damage preparation that includes tarping and board-up services. 

As a result, our Baton Rouge storm damage restoration team has seen examples of well-prepared homes suffering less property damage than neighboring properties that did not receive storm damage preparation services. 

Baton Rouge Storm Damage Restoration

Living Solutions Construction is here to help when the weather turns nasty. The Living Solutions Construction team of IICRC certified experts is available 24/7 to respond to a disaster, allowing our customers to get their lives back to normal as soon as possible.

Contact us today for emergency Baton Rouge storm damage restoration!

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