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Emergency roof tarping and board-up services are temporary solutions to mitigate the potential for secondary damages.

When you experience an emergency that damages your property’s exterior, you need fast, reliable Baton Rouge restoration contractors on the scene to prevent the damages from escalating. Fortunately, Living Solutions Construction offers roof tarping and board-up services to help a property through bad weather and other catastrophic events to avoid further property issues.

Emergency roof tarping and board-up services provide further protection to homes after unfortunate events such as fire damage, fallen trees, or hurricane winds that cause exterior damage.

Emergency roof tarping and board-up services are temporary solutions—they will not completely fix the issue. These services will only provide adequate protection to your home against further damages before repairs can occur. Depending on your homeowner’s insurance coverage, emergency roof tarping and board-up services may be required and covered under your policy.

When To Call For Emergency Roof Tarping and Board-Up Services?

In Baton Rouge, damage caused by storms and other catastrophic events will be the number one situation in which a property owner will need emergency roof tarping and board-up services. During a tropical storm or hurricane, high wind speeds and heavy rain can cause shingles and other roof components to shift and break, causing a property to be vulnerable to the elements. 

Living Solutions Construction also receives calls for emergency roof tarping and board-up services when there is a hole in the roof after a tree has fallen or other debris penetrates the surface.

No matter what the cause was for the exterior damage, you can count on the professionals at Living Solutions Construction for fast and accurate emergency roof tarping and board-up services.

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Our Emergency Roof Tarping And Board-UP Process

Our emergency roof tarping and board-up process ensures that all exterior damage is well-protected to avoid further issues. Upon arrival, professionals at Living Solutions Construction will first assess the damage and note all compromised exterior areas.

After the assessment, we will then select the type of tarp required; it depends on the current state of the weather and the time of year. Our professionals will most likely install a thicker tarp to act as an insulated barrier. 

Throughout the roof tarping and board-up process, we will be taking pre-mitigation pictures for insurance purposes. Photo evidence helps insurance companies process claims faster, meaning faster money in your pocket!

Depending on the type of homeowners insurance coverage you have, you may be able to claim emergency roof tarping and board-up services. Often an insurance company will require a homeowner to install a roof tarp or board up the windows to ensure further damages to the exterior of a property do not occur.

Our professionals will be there every step of the way, helping you navigate the insurance claim process.

We Help With Insurance Claims

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Prevent Further Damages With Living Solutions Construction

If you believe your home needs emergency roof tarping and board-up services, give us a call ASAP! Our professionals are standing by, waiting to help with any questions or concerns you may have about our process.

For the last decade, our mission has been to help property owners in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Our roof tarping services are one of our most requested services. Over the years, we have learned the most effective method for installing roof tarps to ensure a secure and stabilized property during an emergency.

Whether you are preparing for a storm or need another layer of protection on your home, the team at Living Solutions Construction is ready to board up any window or door. We have long-standing relationships with local building supply companies and have experienced technicians who ensure a seamless installation process.

You can count on us when an emergency strikes! We are available 24/7 to assess your property, provide advice about the next steps, and perform any necessary tarping or board-up work.

Contact us today for emergency roof tarping and board-up services! 

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